Since 1994 - What started as a vehicle for Grammy winners Arrested Development and their business dealings became a promoter of neo soul, hip-hop, and rock concerts in Atlanta. The company then switched to representing artist in U.S. & Japan. Since then Vagabond has become an all around production house that presents great music to various labels and on-line outlets across the globe. One of their unique offerings is vintage style vinyl records and collector cassette tapes.

grew up on two sides of life: the ghetto of Milwaukee and Milwaukee's suburbia. Speech learned how to draw from the pains and beauty of both. With this background, Speech started the music group, Arrested Development. After some internal strife, the group went on hiatus in 1995. Immediately after, Speech shed the group atmosphere & buried himself in experimental sounds. His first single "Like Marvin Gaye Said" was #1 on the Japanese Tokyo 100 charts for 7 weeks straight! That was the true beginning of Speech as a solo artist. Every since he has continued to write hits and tour the world.